It is manufactured with water-based formulation that makes it a risk-free product to use. It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures. ["Lithuania", [ Developed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-24667C Type I, II & V, Composition L. Intershield 21. End Slips provides coating services to protect floors, walls, metal/flat roofs, foundations, specialties, etc. ["Italy", [ ]], Coverage: 11sq.m/litre. ["Norway", [ ["Viet Nam", [ ["Chinese Traditional (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__zh-CHT%3bEng__TW.pdf"], ["Polish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Pol__PL.pdf"], ["Czech Republic", [ ["Dutch", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Dut__NL.pdf"], ["Italian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Ita__IT.pdf"], Firmtread Anti Slip Deck Coating is different to a paint since it will not entirely block out the finish or the colour of the wood, instead it will enhance its natural beauty. ["Romania", [ ["Turkish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__tr-TR__TR.pdf"], ["Lithuania", [ ["Romanian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__ro-RO__RO.pdf"], ]], ["Lithuania", [ ["Singapore", [ It is an easy-to-use aggregated coating typically used in domestic, industrial and commercial decking areas. ]], ["Hungarian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Hon__HU.pdf"], ["Japanese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Jap__JP.pdf"], Pré commandez les vôtres maintenant ! ["Thai (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__th-TH%3bEuk__TH.pdf"], ["Romanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__ro-RO__RO.pdf"], ]], ["Serbian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Lt-sr-SP__RS.pdf"], This is because it contains a fine mineral additive for a hard wearing, non-slip surface. This non-slip coating is designed to perform superbly in areas which receive normal foot traffic and intermittent vehicular traffic. 95 £63.50 £63.50. ]], ["Italian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Ita__IT.pdf"], ["Malay (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Msl%3bEuk__MY.pdf"], ["New Zealand", [ ["Korea, Republic of", [ Decking paint & treatments. ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Eng__CA.pdf"], Painting over non-skid deck does not need to be a painful process if you were able to pick the right paint product to accomplish the painting job. ]], ["Germany", [ For those with in-ground or above-ground pools, or a group of family and friends that enjoy a good slip and slide, this non-slip coating is a keeper. Most non slip coatings for timber are opaque or include visible roughening particles, which changes the natural appearance of timber. At the same time, it provides a low-sheen finish to prevent sunlight glare as much as possible. Paints, stains and treatments all offer you different looks and levels of protection. Find a stockist. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk__AU.pdf"], ]], ]], ["Japan", [ ]], It’s designed to bridge cracks and hide imperfections. ["China", [ #10. ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__ar-SA__SA.pdf"], ]], ["India", [ Convoy II is an economical non-slip floor and deck coating that is based on a single component, durable acrylic polymer. ]], ["Czech Republic", [ ["Denmark", [ ]; ["French", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Fra__BE.pdf"], FREE Delivery. Developed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-24667 Type VII, Compositions G & L. Intershield 9L. ["New Zealand", [ Durabak Marine Liner Kit - DIY Non-Slip Deck Floor Coating, Aluminum, Wood, Fiberglass Boat Paint, 1 Coat Textured, 1 Coat Smooth, Used by US Navy, one Part, Easy Application. Non slip treatments are applied to the slippery surface and then after a short amount of time are washed off. ]], ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk__EG.pdf"], We stock a wide range of colours and brands such as Cuprinol and Ronseal. ["Canada", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Euk__ES.pdf"], ]], ]], ]], ["Finnish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Fin__FI.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Euk__AE.pdf"], ]], ["Brazil", [ ["Turkey", [ ]], Chemsol Navy G Anti-Skid Safety Coating is designed to increase safety in areas where slip and fall potential exists, in both indoor and outdoor environments. £44.95 £ 44. ["China", [ ["Norway", [ NORSOK pre-qualification 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. ["Spanish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Esp__ES.pdf"], ["United States", [ ]], ["Latvia", [ ]], ["Denmark", [ Company Information. ["Malaysia", [ Timber Decking Paint is a hard wearing non slip polyurethane one pack paint designed to seal & colour timber tanalised decking. Jota Armour provides a coarse surface with non-slip performance in wet, oily and icy conditions. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Euk__SA.pdf"], ]], ["Danish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Dan__DK.pdf"], Restez à l'écoute. ]], ]], ]], ["Slovenia", [ ]], ]], ["Finland", [ JavaScript n'est pas disponible sur votre serveur ! ]], Top Sellers; Most Popular; Price Low to High; Price High to Low; Top Rated Products; View Top Sellers in: Get It Fast. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Euk__ZA.pdf"], Features. Preserve and protect your deck with Ames® Safe-T-Deck® Granulated non-slip coating, slip resistant. ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__ar-SA__QA.pdf"], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__ar-SA__QA.pdf"], var google_tag_params = {"ecomm_prodid":[50710,50711,50712,50713,50714],"ecomm_totalvalue":[27.95,27.95,27.95,27.95,27.95],"ecomm_pagetype":"product"}; Anticorrosive coating: Area of use: Helidecks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks, drill decks, escape routes, decks in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required. ["Thailand", [ ["Egypt", [ ["Germany", [ ]], ]], Click & Collect or delivery options are available. ]], These paints are available in a limited number of colors—but if you really want color, we suggest you purchase a one-part or a two-part polyurethane and the non-skid compound separately. ]], ["Oman", [ ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__ar-SA__OM.pdf"], ["Korean", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Kor__KR.pdf"], Find a stockist that's near you. ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__ar-SA__OM.pdf"], Non Slip Decking Paint With Colour and Style. ["Malay (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Msl%3bEuk__MY.pdf"], ["Portuguese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__PoP__PT.pdf"], ]], ["Estonian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Est__EE.pdf"], ["South Africa", [ ]], ["Greek", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Gre__GR.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Euk__NZ.pdf"], ["English (Thai)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Euk%3bth-TH__TH.pdf"], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__ar-SA__EG.pdf"], ["Swedish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Swe__SE.pdf"], ["Finnish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Fin__FI.pdf"], ["Danish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Dan__DK.pdf"], Aesthetically pleasing - our clear anti slip deck coating is the most subtle and aesthetically pleasing option for solving your slippery decking problems. Free postage. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Euk__ZA.pdf"], ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk__SA.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Euk__AE.pdf"], ["French", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Fra__BE.pdf"], It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Euk__KR.pdf"], ]], Then, after the paint dries, brush off the excess non-skid compound and apply the second coat of paint. ]], ["Slovenian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__sl-SI__SI.pdf"], ["United Arab Emirates", [ ["China (import from Korea)", [ Votre question sera automatiquement transmise à d'autres clients SVB et publiée sur la page du produit concerné. This product will not change the look of your decks, is easy to apply and incredibly cost-effective. ]], It’s designed to bridge cracks and hide imperfections. ["Egypt", [ ]], ["Dutch", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Dut__BE.pdf"], ["Serbia", [ ["Hungarian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Hon__HU.pdf"], ["Romania", [ ]], ]], ]], ["my-MM;Euk", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__my-MM%3bEuk__MM.pdf"], ]], ]], We are dedicated to making your floor SAFER and CLEANER for your Staff and Guests to work and walk on through comprehensive non-slip tile coating solutions. ]], ["Danish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Dan__DK.pdf"], ["Norway", [ ["Bulgarian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Bul__BG.pdf"], Product Type High Performance Deck Coatings. ["Lithuanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Lit__LT.pdf"], ["Czech", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Csy__CZ.pdf"], Simply the best non slip decking paint on the market. ["Poland", [ ["Dutch", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Dut__NL.pdf"], ["New Zealand", [ ]], ["South Africa", [ ]; ["Slovak", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Slo__SK.pdf"], Non-slip coatings are acrylic-based liquids that are applied to decks just like a paint or sealer. ["English (Chinese)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Euk%3bZho__CN+(KR).pdf"], ["Polish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Pol__PL.pdf"], ["English (Thai)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk%3bth-TH__TH.pdf"], ["Serbia", [ ["Hungary", [ HEMPEL Non-slip Deck Coating à partir de 27,95 € SVB | Spécialistes de l'équipement nautique Semi-glossy, quick-drying top coat from Hempel with fine granules for a non-slip finish. ["Spain", [ ["Slovenian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__sl-SI__SI.pdf"], Your second choice is a non-slip sealer. ["Serbia", [ ["France", [ ["Thailand", [ ]], £25.99 £ 25. ["Norway", [ ["Dutch", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Dut__NL.pdf"], This is sterling at offering exhaustive ultraviolet and chemical resistance. Non Slip Deck Paint is a single pack polyurethane paint with an aggregate already mixed in which makes a rough, textured finish that is ready to use of the can (after you have thoroughly stirred the paint) Which can be used for home garden or marine decking. ["Singapore", [ ["Spain", [ Our Suregrip Deck Paint is a High-Quality, Durable Anti-slip deck paint improving safety in both wet and dry conditions. By varying the application technique, the texture can be adjusted from “fine” to “aggressive.” ]], ]], Visit us today for the widest range of Wood Finishes products. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Euk__GB.pdf"], Suitable for Yachts, Power Boats, Dinghies, Narrowboats and many other marine applications. Anticorrosive coating: Area of use: Helidecks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks, drill decks, escape routes, decks in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required. ["Dutch", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Dut__BE.pdf"], ["English (Chinese)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Euk%3bZho__CN+(KR).pdf"], ["China (import from Korea)", [ ]], ]], Pour utilisation à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur au-dessus de la ligne de flottaison. ]], There are several anti slip decking products available. Jota Armour combines a high solids, surface tolerant, abrasion resistant, epoxy coating with a selected blend of fused aluminium oxide. ["Norwegian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Nor__NO.pdf"], ["Romania", [ ]], Subscribe: LESLIE: Gary in North Carolina is facing a slippery slope. - Change country/language. ]], ["Denmark", [ Do bear in mind however, that your new coating is highly likely to peel in the near future – and it can be a real pain to remove once it has been applied!