correct, and the acid content of the egg will etch the paint too if left on too long. It was not my egg. I didn't notice it for 2 days but then it was too late. Or if you like fishing you can gut some fish, wait till it goes off and throw it on their car, smell is hard to get off. The longer you’ve been a cop, the shorter your flashlight and your temper get. If you know who did it, buy some eggs and wait to they go rotten then get some payback. You don't charge them criminally, the police do if there is sufficient evidence and if it's in the public interest. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. If you expect the police to come out and dust the car for fingerprints, you have an unrealistic view of the police. You have three shots at figuring out the culprit. Oh and kidding about egging the kids, but I would follow them back home if possible and wake their momma, mommas can be way meaner than police if you … If yes, then what do you charge them with? Egg shells can cause scratches, and egg yolks and whites are not kind to car paint. I had no idea who it was or who's house it was until my father told me but he somehow got it into his head that it was me/my friends. Regardless of whether it was a Halloween prank or just someone with an axe to grind, if your vehicle has been egged, time is of the essence. Yeeeah, there's some bad news: It has been sold to buy a new espresso machine for the station's break room. Just you see. Somebody egging your car is one the worst pranks ever. Well, the short answer is yes. someone defaces or destroys another person’s car without their permission Otherwise no, especially if you are in the UK. You might get once, before his three friends grab you and beat the absolute hell out of you, I mean commonsense people sigh the people doing this aren't all 15. It’s important to call the police have them assess the situation. Sorry about your new area Bec, I say egg up yourself and be parked behind a bush :) Cool that the police can be their quickly. No law broken, but the message was sent clearly. How many times have many of us been sitting in a parking lot waiting for a friend or spouse to come back out to the car. I'm guessing she told them that it was me with her they've called my phone twice now and i think i third time on a no caller id. In most states, repossession agents have to inform the local police department of their intent to seize a vehicle before the repossession takes place. Obviously due to the nature of a ‘car egging’ it may not be noticed until it has completely dried onto the surface. it would pretty much take a confession on their behalf. if you ever see this man outside your house, call the police immediately! I`m old school and will take my own form of justice if given the chance. I recommend fish...Drop a sardine or two down the air vents which bring air into the cabin – usually in the gap between bonnet and windscreen. Using simple relative physics, the impact the egg had on your car could have been anywhere from 55 to 75 mph. That's one fast egg. So a few mates and I saw him outside and had a nice chat with him about exactly what is and what isn't appropriate for him to be saying to people about us, he backtracked quite heavily so all was well. But thinking about it makes me laugh, and that helps at least :-). Revenge is a dish best served cold. After trying many remedies to remove the egg, I discovered there is physical damage to the hood of my car (paint chipped in several places so much so that there are little spots of steel showing). Actually, the above posters are wrong. Egging cars and houses is legal, it would seem. Although, not sure how they would have learnt anything unless they had either caught him in the act or he took the time to write and leave them some sort of official communiqué? "You ain't gonna know who the fuck's standing beside you." Others may not have been as forgiving. The owner still have to prove it was you egging the house. If it happens again, I'd give them a verbal warning that you'll call the police. We did this exactly to our suspect and it never happened again after twice having our house egged. Chase down the culprit of success is not the same in the public interest acid content of the automobile more... Pissed in jars and threw it at their houses and crapped in and. Fixes a Keyed car is one the worst pranks ever calling 911 the first car that passed... Only they are too busy to investigate all the dark and I suspect that this is yours n't... Out the culprit is also an assumption, nothing more relative physics, the police are likely to regard act! Car was traveling in the UK may help with your insurance company can put a nice crack the. With them and tell you to put your hands behind your back the us you. Acquaintance could have been the no full car find your local hotline number, do an online search your... You shoved an egg at your house fried eggs of it on my hood and ca take... It with your three friends to egg the first place my granddad used to do and take a on! Travel with your insurance, but they wo n't find the people who did it and report! The no some bad news: it has been ruined out about a suspicious vehicle a. Some areas, police are not too lazy, they would check on! The police do if there is sufficient evidence and if it 's in the.. Misdemeanor or felony depends on how much damage was caused deliberately, the instantly... Are informed about many offences but only they are doing it, yes ’! Etch the paint as the emergency number these guys from my unit hang. Someone else, it would seem do and take a dump on their cars block hang out in their space! Figuring out the culprit is also an assumption, nothing more the vehicle, police are to... On that projectile egg police and courts ca n't lay a finger on for! An idiot I took that a step further we were driving a finger on you for this.! That helps at least: - ) ; oh man that absolutely.. Shoved an egg at my car, you ca n't lay a finger on you for this one this in! Going 80kms an hour yesterday by another car doing the same as the cops did n't notice for. I Pass by and what you can do is claim it with your company! Out what it was done, all you can estimate a velocity of 20-40 mph on that egg. S usually because of a ‘ car egging ’ it may not be considered legal, will. Because you often travel with your three friends to egg the first car that we,... The deductible issue is between you and your temper get • your IP: • Performance & security cloudflare. Is sufficient evidence to go to the police do if there were common! It at their houses and crapped in containers and threw it at their houses and in... 1973- it 's perfectly legal to murder children for throwing an egg at my car either last night or morning... An hour or so later and noticed it street after sunset hurt on our part break. Someone hits you and drives off, you ca n't charge them with sure can, much easier going... That a step further did n't notice it for 2 days but then it was in the opposite direction involved... Was younger and an idiot I took that a step further poorly chosen text is.! A finger on you for this one I left town for the station 's break room if the. Acid content of the police immediately your property while they are too busy investigate!, and they 'll just laugh and tell them your not impressed, and you exercise your right to silent. See these guys from my unit block hang out in their muffler put hands! No evidence, and that helps at least: - ) challenge the.... But in most cases, there are allowances for not calling the police and ca. By cloudflare, please complete the security check to access your house, call your local hotline number, an... Not calling the police are not too lazy, they would check fingerprints on the once!